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DER Building has a unique, individualized, systematic and refined "18-work" system in the industry.

1. Seiko measurement: DER Building professional surveyors observe the millimeter level measurement standard strictly.

2.Custom design:  According to the customized needs of customers, customized-shaped doors and windows are  designed by DER Building designers.

3. Custom craft: According to people's customized door and window product performance requirements, adjust the process to determine the best process parameters for doors and windows.

4. Profile inspection: According to the process requirements, strict compliance with the 360 ° selection criteria, testing profiles.

5. Frame and sash cutting: Double-head cutting saw cutting, accurate proofreading。

6. Medium end face punching: DER Building digital precision section milling machine, 90° uniform speed milling.

7. Hole punching:Digital precision punching and milling operations, micro-stage punching and milling of the frame material groove and connecting hole.

8. Middle fastening: The splicing of the splicing joint ensures a firm and strong rigidity and tightness.

9. Framed corner: The angle of the group angle machine and the window frame sash are respectively set, and the micrometer step is controlled.

10. Injection time delay detection:Special sealant injection glue, after 24 hours, the glue is tested to ensure the quality.

11. Seal assembly: Continuous assembly of pressure-sensitive adhesive strips, crimping strips, elastic sealants and other seals.

12. Hardware assembly: All imported hardware accessories are luxuriously assembled to ensure a service life of more than 40 years.

13. Glass assembly: The glass pad is assembled with the point-shaped strip to accurately seal the glue.

14. Finished product debugging: Various debugging of the finished product details and performance indicators of doors and windows。

15. Process quality inspection: Every door and window must meet the testing standards and strictly control the quality of the products.

16. Clean packaging:Clean the customized door and window products completely and complete the packaging process.

17. Custom maintenance: According to their own needs, users choose customized cycle maintenance and careful care.

18. If you need, DER Building offers installation.

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